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Interview with: Dumi Oburota

Dumi Oburota is the co-founder of the 360 entertainment company Disturbing London. The label, founded in 2006 by Dumi and rapper, singer and songwriter, Tinie Tempah, has since grown to encompass 360 music and culture services, offering artist management and development, global events, a fashion line, label services and publishing. We interviewed Dumi about his relationship with his home town in November 2019.


How long have you lived in the area?

I’ve lived near to Victoria Park in the Hackney Area for the last 7 years.


What drew you here?

I was renting locally in Hackney Wick and after my first child was born, I was keen to live nearer to the park. Hackney has a good balance of inner city living, aspiration and a creative edge. The area began to develop after the London 2012 Olympics was announced and I saw the growth and investment opportunities there.

What changes have you seen over the years?

There has been so much development over the last few years and because of this, great activity in the area. Major clothing brands and Michelin Star restaurants are opening every couple of months and they continue to keep popping up. The area seems to be forever evolving.


What do you particularly enjoy about living in the area?

It’s got to be the mix of people in the area. There are lots of creatives! Yet, you can still see and feel the original community around, which makes for a great balance of people. It has a more sociable vibe, compared to Hampstead and Notting Hill, which are two areas I have considered moving to. Hackney feels like Notting Hill ten years ago!


Where are your favourite hangout spots?

Shoreditch House is an obvious choice, but I love it!

– Victoria Park is a great space to take your family for walks and picnics

The Hemingway Pub is a great pub for a pint and a roast

Eko Wine Bar & Restaurant for Nigerian food, great atmosphere and good music on a Friday night

Pidgin Restaurant for their creative menu 

– Dalston is another great area for bars and pubs


Tell us something that not a lot of people would know about your local area? 

That there’s a Nobu in Shoreditch. But, don’t tell anyone or I’ll never get a reservation!

Who do you think is best suited to living in this area? Who is the ideal buyer/renter?

Young and single creatives, but also young families too. Definitely,people who like to be in the mix! Also, low-key people who are happy to live in an area that isn’t obviously affluent, but has a lot of character.



What does a Sunday well-spent look like for you? Where are you going and what are you doing?

I’m old school. My Father always read the Sunday Times while I was growing up, so it’s now my Sunday ritual! Sunday is definitely a day spent with my family. For Lunch, I’ll buy a chicken from Ginger Pig, my local butcher. 


Describe the area in one word?




Find out more about Disturbing London HERE

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