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Trendy Interior Design for Summer Homes

Summer is that period of the year where people are naturally obsessed with the idea of relaxing and letting out their inner inhibitions. From achieving that perfect body to choosing a proper getaway continent to roam free and wild, your perfect summer home shouldn’t be exempted from the list.

When it comes to home interior design for the summer, less is more. You should keep it really clean, fresh and simple, but with a dash of colour. The following are décor inspirations for your interior.


BEACH INSPIRED – Even if you are miles away from the sea, a warm and calming colour hue palette, consisting of white, sandy brown and seafoam blue, will help you relax with an air of beach breeziness. This interior décor from Emaar Beach Isle in Dubai is a good example of how to coordinate the colours. To spice it up, mix up blue pieces you have chosen with yellow.



GOLDEN ESSEMBLE – This décor is perfect for your bedroom because it allows you to play around with champagne-coloured silk sheets, black furniture and an ornamental gold mirror. To properly set up the mood, choose warm lighting, either coming from a chandelier, a night lamp, or wall panelled lights. Asquith House in London embodies this décor inspiration in their bedrooms.



BOHEMIAN SPIRIT – If you desire a more unconventional and artsy interior, then this style is for you. The colour theme for a bohemian feel varies; it could be really colourful with hues of coral, orchid, saffron, sandalwood and navy blue or have warmers tones of reflective white, grey, taupe, and brandy wine.

Either way, infuse woven cane décor, large print patterned carpets, wool blankets, wooden furniture and green plants to feel more at home. Emaar Expo Golf Villas have found a very creative way of merging a rustic bohemian vibe with a minimalist style interior.



TERRACE BLISS – Gone are the days where balconies are meant just for snooping on your neighbours. Now, they offer incredible views of your city, while getting comfortable. From creating your own mini restaurants, complete with sofas, glass tables when you feel lazy to go out, to having your own little garden, the choices are unlimited.


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